Air transport

For urgent and delicate shipments

Stock Logistic can offer global solutions for international transport and logistics. In cases where these loads are fragile or urgent, they require transporting with special attention and speed. In these cases, the ideal solution is via air transport. Stock Logistic offers services from anywhere in the world, coordinating and taking care of your urgent and delicate shipments.

Why use air transport?

● High speed deliveries which other methods of transport cannot offer.
● High security – The risks of damages are minimal, as air transport is currently the method of transport with the least hazards.

Why use air transport for goods with Stock Logistic?

Stock Logistic offers its clients a complete service that handles all documentation and its follow up until destination for the shipment of your goods with international air transport.
Benefit from your experience with Stock Logistic by obtaining the highest security and speed in your international shipments, with a very efficient documentation and custom clearance procedure.
You will have at your disposal a team of experienced professionals handling your necessary documentation for air shipments.