Warehousing and distribution

Reaches any point of the country

Whichever industry you operate in, Stock Logistic will offer storage and distribution solutions for your goods, whether dry or refrigerated. STOCK LOGISTIC has almost 70,000 m2 in logistics facili­ties, strategically located at the main points: Valencia (over 30,000 m2,) Algeciras (22,000 m2,) Barcelona (10,000 m2,) and Madrid (7,000 m2) capable of covering all its clients’ needs nationwide”

Stock Logistic’s installations have authorization to operate as:

DA(Customs warehouse)

DDA (Different/alternative Customs Warehouse)

ADT (Temporary customs warehouse)


Forest products

Specialized since our beginning in this field, Stock Logistic, without a doubt, is one of the reference companies in this industry in Spain. We have a great team with huge experience in this type of traffic. Presently we receive and send forest products practically to and from anywhere in the world. With the know-how of the necessities of the goods and the means and equipment available to move reels, bales, palletized or any other type of packaging.

Special Projects

Stock Logistic offers different solutions for handling, storage and transport of special cargo. We have a projects Department where we are able to advise the most adequate way of transport and logistic services for your Project cargo.

We have equipment and space to be able to store practically any type of cargo no matter size or weight and will be at your disposal to give you tailor made solutions.