Stock Logistic once again supports groups at risk of social exclusion by demonstrating its solidarity and dedication to the most disadvantaged. The forwarding company integrated in Alonso Group has contributed numerous computer equipments to the Valencian foundation Brúfol that works in the social and labour insertion, formation and social accompaniment of different marginalized collectives, specially, migrant women.

In addition, professionals from the IT area of Stock Logistic were in charge of installing all the equipment so that they could already be used by the members of the Brúfol foundation.

This technological cession has been coordinated by Aportem-Puerto Solidario de Valencia, an institution formed by associations and companies linked to the Valencian port logistics sector and which works, especially, with children in a situation of social exclusion.

With this contribution, Stock Logistic once again shows its solidarity and philanthropic side with the most underprivileged groups. This action is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility area in which, each year, different cultural, environmental, social and sporting activities are organised for the benefit of society.

Eyeglass collection campaign for Visió Sense Fronteres

It is not the first time that Stock Logistic collaborates with Aportem-Puerto Solidario de Valencia. Last April it took part in the campaign “For more people to see as you see” promoted by the NGO Visió Sense Fronteres. Thanks to the implication of all the workers of the company it was possible to gather more than a hundred glasses, of all type and size, destined to developing countries.

The NGO Visió Sense Fronteres has been carrying out charity actions, visual check-ups and surgical operations on needy people all over the world for more than twenty years.

Aportem-Puerto Solidario de Valencia

The organisation works to respond to the wishes of the Valencian port community, which wants to commit itself to its immediate surroundings. Through the alliance between companies, professionals, associations and institutions linked to maritime transport and logistics, it contributes to reconcile economic development, social progress and environmental protection.


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