Stock Logistic participates in Alonso Group’s solidarity campaign

Alonso Group, within its area of Corporate Social Responsibility, has delivered to the association Aportem a total of 134 glasses for the NGO Visió Sense Fronteres. Stock Logistic, a company that belongs to the business group, has been one of the most active in participating in this solidarity campaign that began last February.

Under the slogan “For more people to see as you see”, Alonso Group joined this initiative led by Aportem. For example, in each of the Stock Logistic headquarters, all types of lenses were collected until this very relevant figure was achieved. The involvement of each and every one of the group’s workers has been fundamental for this, and they have made this proposal a success. In this way, it has been possible to gather glasses of all types and sizes: prescription, folding or sunglasses without a case that will be aimed at the people who need it most in developing countries.

Once the campaign is over, the glasses will be checked for their condition and prescription. Later, they will be given to people who have difficulty accessing these types of objects due to their economic situation and who, on the other hand, are an essential element for visual health.

CSR Area of Alonso Group

This action falls within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the Alonso Group, where different social, cultural and environmental initiatives are organised every year, always bearing in mind the support and collaboration of each of its employees, with the aim of contributing to a more equitable society.

Aportem Association

Aportem is an association that brings together, since 2016, members of the port community, professional associations or companies that aims to promote social responsibility around of the Valenciaport. It focuses on areas such as education, childhood, sport, culture and integration.

NGO Visió Sense Fronteres

For its part, the NGO Visió Sense Fronteres has been carrying out charity campaigns and visual checks on vulnerable people in almost all parts of the world for twenty years. It relies on vision professionals and volunteers to prevent blindness or other serious health problems. They have completed 20 years of activity and have attended to more than 100,000 people, performed 8,000 surgeries and delivered 35.000 eyeglasses.

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