Offering an excellent quality service is what makes the difference from the competition and allows for customer loyalty. According to the data of the last report of XI Logistic Circle Barometer SIL 2020 the quality is the aspect more valued by the companies. It is followed by factors such as flexibility, specialisation, speed, business optimisation and sustainability.

In the specific case of logistics companies, quality, more than an added value, is a fundamental element. It is the result of the sum of small processes that, as a whole, have the objective of providing an effective and lasting service.

In Stock Logistic, as a logistics operator that manages import-export traffic from any point in the world, quality is a fundamental point that marks our national and international activity every day. The speed of delivery, the state of the product, the communication with the client or the correct management in warehouses and transport are areas in which we work.

Process excellence

Process excellence is closely linked to quality. Supply chains must work with impeccable professionalism to make processes flow in order to improve services. Ultimately it is to align them with the overall strategy of each company. It is a matter of always working with the greatest predictability to avoid unforeseen events or variations that may affect the final result.


Far from being a merely decorative issue, logistics operators are enhancing the care of the planet through their processes. Moreover, the interest of customers in the environment also invites them to continue working on it. This concern explains the growing implementation of less polluting vehicles, the development of new fuels, the implementation of more ambitious legislation and the concern to rationalise routes and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Moreover, this green philosophy is often accompanied by a purification of the processes, which has the effect of introducing a philosophy of excellence in the company.

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