What is platooning?

The platooning is the technology by which two or more trucks circulate on the road in a joint and coordinated manner. Its use and extension in the transport of goods could be a revolution for this sector.

This requires a camera, radar and wireless communication between trucks using wifi technology. For the time being, and as this concept is understood today, talking about platooning is not synonymous with autonomous truck.

The greatest benefit of platooning is the reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which according to some studies could reach up to 10%. At a time when policies in favour of environmental sustainability have a greater weight, all companies, including Stock Logistic, are beginning to study this new situation.

Other advantages

In addition to the environmental issue, other benefits are:

  • Fuel savings. Driving becomes lighter. Air friction, which causes fuel consumption, becomes a problem only for the first truck. The trucks that follow considerably reduce this resistance, favouring a fuel saving that can be of 10-12%.
  • Efficient driving, The use allows several trucks to circulate at a constant and regular speed. During the journey, there is a reduction in sudden speed reduction manoeuvres and acceleration to recover speed.
  • Vehicle detection and automatic braking. This technology makes traffic safer thanks to the use of sensors capable of detecting slow or stopped vehicles.

How platooning works

The first vehicle is connected to the platoon via wireless communication. The driver of the first container truck determines the movement of the second truck, which is already autonomous. This system incorporates vehicle detection, anti-collision and lateral control technologies to increase road safety. It is also linked and unlinked to allow other road users to cross between the plateon vehicles. This method includes vehicle detection, anti-collision and lateral control technologies to increase road safety.

Pilot testing in the world

There are currently pilot trials of platooning in the world in regions such as Europe, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Australia.


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