Sea freight

Maritime transport is the most widely used mode of international shipping in the world. It is safe, versatile and suitable for the movement of large volumes and heavy loads

The most versatile transport mode

Maritime transport is the basis of international trade. In Stock Logistic we work with the main shipping companies in the world, which allows us to reach practically any point of the planet through maritime routes.

We process all the required documentation

International shipping involves a series of legal and customs procedures that must be followed to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination in optimal conditions. This is a regulation that is often complex and varies according to the product to be transported and the points of origin and destination. In Stock Logistic we are experts in customs and documentation management for international transport. We will advise you on everything. From how to pack or label your cargo to how to fill out the necessary documentation.

We adapt to any type of load

We have all types of standardized and approved maritime containers to cover any need of goods transport. Although the sea container is the most widely used transport unit for the movement of freight, at Stock Logistic we can adapt to any volume of cargo, whether it be dry cargo, bulk, palletised or refrigerated transport.

Tipos de carga

Full Container Load (FCL)

Stock Logistic offers you FCL (Full Container Load) service door to door, from and to anywhere in the world. You fill the container at your factory and it will arrive at its designated destination with a security seal.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

In cases where your goods are not enough to complete a container, Stock Logistic provides you with an LCL (Less than Container Load) service, allowing you the possibility of sharing the container with other cargoes. Our LCL service has a large global network of agents in the main ports of the world at very competitive prices.

RO/RO Load

The Roll On/Roll Off freight transport service allows the shipment of all types of roll on and roll off cargo. This type of vessel is especially suitable for all those cargoes that due to their characteristics cannot be containerized, such as trucks, cars, loads with large dimensions and weights.

Project Cargo

Stock Logistic has a special projects department where they will advise you on the use of the best resources for your project cargo.


If you need shipping services for fresh products, Stock Logistic has refrigerated containers for proper transport, with which your product will reach its final destination in perfect condition while retaining its freshness, flavor and texture.


To meet your bulk liquid transportation needs, Stock Logistic offers flexible tanks with an efficient safety system. These are single-use flexitanks, which ensures that your goods will not be mixed with any other product previously transported.
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