Air transport

When it comes to fragile loads or those that cannot wait, special attention and speed is required. For these cases the ideal solution is the airplane. Stock Logistic offers services from and to anywhere in the world and coordinates and takes care of your most urgent and delicate shipments

When to use air transport?

If you need urgent delivery and fast shipping, air freight is the fastest way to move freight internationally.
If you want to carry particularly sensitive goods, airfreight shipping offers the highest level of security. The risk of damage to goods is minimal, as air transport is the least accident-prone mode of transport available today.
For the transport of samples, prototypes or products that require constant monitoring and minimizing the transit stage to the maximum.

Why use air freight transport with Stock Logistic?

Documentation management

Stock Logistic offers its customers a complete service that manages all the documentation for the shipment of their goods through international air transport and tracking to their final destination.

Safety and speed

You can take advantage of Stock Logistic’s experience, achieving maximum security and speed in your international shipments with a great deal of agility in customs clearance procedures.


You will have at your disposal a team of professionals experienced in the processing of the administrative documentation necessary for the transport of air freight.

IATA Agent

Stock Logistic is an authorized agent of the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA). This certification enables us to receive cargo, collect freight and issue the Airways Bill (AWB). In this way, we can coordinate and carry out personalized tracking of cargo shipments through different suppliers.
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