International trade requires managing a large volume of documentation that will follow each of your shipments. Proper customs management can save you a great deal of time and money. Stock Logistic has its own Customs Department that offers you the best customized solution for your exports and imports

Customs Services

Customs representative

Stock Logistic has a qualified staff for the customs clearance of your goods.Stock Logistic’s involvement facilitates your international exchanges. It offers financial guarantees and provides greater security and fluidity in the processing and payment transactions, advising you throughout the loading process from its packaging to its arrival at its final destination.We have centralised clearance authorisation from the Tax Agency to carry out your customs clearance before any customs office in Spain.

Development department

Stock Logistic has its own resources for the development of software solutions for optimum control and management of our customers’ cargoes.We are telematically connected with the port authorities and the Tax Agency, and we also have the possibility of electronic transmission with our customers and suppliers via EDI, Papinet, XLM and other tools.

Customs Warehouse (DA)

Stock Logisitc has the authorization for customs warehouse, allowing clients to store goods for unlimited time, community and non-community goods, without having to return any duties until there is a designated customs destination for the goods.During the link of the goods to the customs warehouse, these can be manipulated, palletized and/or classified.Also in the case of agricultural goods, when there and linked to the customs warehouse for their posterior exportation, the prior collection of its restitutions can be requested.

Temporary customs warehouse (ADT)

Stock Logistic has ADT authorization, a deposit service for goods that come from non-European communities without having to pay additional duties, offering 20 days for a customs regiment to be assigned and do partial withdrawals of the goods.


Stock Logistic can present their Intrastat declarations, statistic model which is obligatory in the following cases:

  • If it is a physical or legal person with which Exchange of goods operations take place between Spain and other European community countries.
  • If the volume of the intercommunity operations of the preceding activity is over the threshold of exemption established by law.

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