Maritime alliance

Maritime alliances: a strategic partnership on the high seas

A shipping alliance, more commonly called a maritime alliance, is a cooperative agreement between ocean carriers to cover different trade routes for goods. The importance of such coalitions lies in the fact that the sea is a vital source of resources and a crucial means of transport for trade for several reasons: The majority of goods traded globally are carried by large ships.It is an essential means of transport for the supply of raw materials [...]

New trends in the logistics sector

Developments that will shape the future of the logistics sector

In recent years the supply chain has faced unprecedented levels of change. For example the outbreak of pandemics, an exponential increase in consumer demand or fuel shortages especially after the war in Ukraine. The logistics industry has been, and is, one of the key economic sectors, which is why innovation, development and the application of new technologies is fundamental to the progress of the sector. From Stock Logistic, as an integral [...]

Air transport - Stock Logistic

Air transport, a key player in vertical integration processes

Air transport of goods is key in today's world where home deliveries are part of many consumers' everyday lives. In fact, the rise of e-commerce continues to underpin air logistics as one of the great solutions for the supply chain. At Stock Logistic, an integrated logistics operator, we have an air transport service to and from anywhere in the world. When it comes to sensitive or immediate cargo, air transport facilitates the movement, as it is [...]


The main transoceanic ports of the world

Today, the countries with the best maritime connectivity lead the ranking of the best ports in the world. It is estimated that more than 90% of goods are transported by sea and, for this reason, the governments of countries and private companies are constantly investing in improving the infrastructure of their port facilities. Stock Logistic is a logistics operator with a presence in the main strategic points of the Iberian Peninsula such as [...]

Stock Logistic, un aliado imprescindible para el transporte.

Stock Logistic participates in Fruit Attraction

As every year and after the pandemic break, trade fairs, conventions and events have resumed their activity in person. One example is that Fruit Attraction 2022, one of the best professional meetings in the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide, will start up on 4 October. The convention, which will be held at the IFEMA facilities, will be attended by representatives of the fruit and vegetable community as well as the main companies in the logistics [...]

Project Cargo is required for the transport of heavy or oversized goods.

Project Cargo, a necessary transport for international trade

Project Cargo involves the movement of goods that, due to their weight, size and complexity, cannot be containerised in many cases. This means that transport operations are more difficult to develop and require logistics operators to study how shipments are to be made and by what type of transport. All of this to guarantee a service in accordance with the weight and size of the loads, optimising time and distribution as much as possible. Project [...]

Immologistics in crisis due to the lack of logistical land.

Immologistics, increasingly important in supply chains

Immologistics, or real estate logistics, is a variant within the sector that includes the rental and sale of logistics land, industrial warehouses and warehouses. In recent years, it has become increasingly important due to the rise of e-commerce and omnichannel services. In this context, logistics companies, in order to provide customers with faster and more efficient services, have begun to invest in this type of strategic infrastructure. At [...]

El gigantismo en los buques portacontenedores.

Container ship gigantism: future trends and challenges

 In recent years, due to globalisation and increased maritime connectivity in ports around the world, freight transport has required structural, technical and technological change in order to be able to ship and distribute cargo to all industries. Optimising transports by guaranteeing coverage in the shortest possible time has brought about the need to adapt to the new commercial ecosystem and, consequently, to the new professional challenges [...]


Stock Logistic, a constant work for a sustainable logistics

The use of new fuels for merchant ships, the IMO 2020 implementation regulation, the reduction of polluting emissions in the air sector or the offer of last mile transport powered by renewable energies are some of the sustainability actions in which the logistics sector is currently immersed. Industry is increasingly aware that these are measures that must be put in place to secure the future of the planet, the economy and the next [...]

Photograph of a transporter bringing goods to customers.

What will last mile logistics look like in the coming years?

Last mile transport, also referred to as capillary transport, refers to the final journey or stretch where goods are transported to the distribution or consumer areas. It is the phase that closes the supply chain and is therefore the one that is most in contact with customers. Currently there has been a considerable increase in the volume of e-commerce due to the pandemic and the impossibility of buying some products physically. Faced with this [...]