Project Cargo

Tailor-made special transports

Frequently there are loads that due to their excessive weight, volume or special fragility, need a personalized treatment that makes it impossible to resort to standardized transport solutions. To respond to any need that may arise in your business, Stock Logistic has a Project department in charge with a highly qualified team in special transport operations.

We carry out the logistics of especially complex loads, dedicated to the industrial sector, infrastructures, electrical generators, heavy machinery...we are able to find the most suitable solution to carry out your transport no matter how complicated it may seem.

Our team of professionals analyses each one of the necessary steps and elaborates a logistic plan made to measure. This includes not only the most suitable means of transport, but also any aspect related to security, administrative procedures or the protection and packaging of the cargo from the moment it leaves your facilities until it reaches its final destination.

Some of our works

Atracciones de feria Atracciones de feria


Fair attractions to COLOMBIA from Valencia to Cartagena. Cargo was loaded in Madrid using a special truck/equipment.

EXW Shipment

Origin / Destination: VALENCIA / CARTAGENA
Shipment date: 06th of August of 2018
Special Measurements: 780x270x260 cms
Maquinaria Maquinaria Maquinaria


Extra measurements and weight pieces, handled with special crane / special lashing.

EXW Shipment

Origin / Destination: MARIN/ SHANGHAI
Shipment date: 30th of July + 24th of August of 2018
Carga plana y alta Carga plana y alta Carga plana y alta


Cargo lifted with a mobile crane (100 tons capacity). Special tarpauline tailored.

CIF Shipment

Origin / Destination: BILBAO/ AUCKLAND // MARIN / ONNE
Shipment date: 17th of March // 18th of April // 30th of May 2018
Motores marinos Motores marinos Motores marinos


4 marine engines, 95 tons each. Gearless.

DAP Shipment

Origin / Destination: VAASA (FINLAND)/BILBAO
Shipment date: 26 th of MARC 2017
Equipments: Coaster vessel Chartering, seaworthy, packing, 150 tons capacity crane.
Parques eólicos Parques eólicos Parques eólicos Parques eólicos Parques eólicos


Max weight: 70,00 tons (nacele) / max. Lenght: 42,00 mts (wings). Total figures: abt. 48000 cbm / 8300 tons.

CIF Shipment

Origin / Destination: SPAIN/SICILY
Shipment date: 6 th of August 2010
Equipments: (2 Complete windmill parks), 8 tweendecker gearless vessel Chartering, 100 tons cap. 32 cranes, 87 special trucks, stevedoring, warehousing…
Reactores Reactores Reactores


2 Reactors: Max weight: 350,00 tons / Max. Lenght per unit 30,00 mts 4,70 mts diam.

DAP Shipment

Origin / Destination: GIJON/LEIXOES
Shipment date: 5th of Feb 2011
Equipments: 2 Reactors, 2 tweendecker geared vessel Chartering, 250 tons cap.2 cranes, 2 special Trucks, stevedoring, warehousing,…
Otros proyectos Otros proyectos Otros proyectos Otros proyectos Otros proyectos Otros proyectos Otros proyectos


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