For the security and management of goods, the European Union has set up a customs control system. In this way, all imports from the continent are controlled by a customs pre-notification system.This method is known as ICS2. In order to carry it out, it is necessary for the companies themselves to collaborate by providing the necessary information regarding the goods that are introduced into the European Union.Once the authorities have been [...]

Avión surcando los cielos, una vista majestuosa del vuelo hacia nuevos horizontes.

The air transport: How does it work?

Air cargo is one of the most commonly used transportation methods, especially for perishable products, high-tech items, or value-added goods. It is also a very frequent option in the e-commerce sector.To carry out these types of air shipments, it is first necessary to meet a series of requirements, both legal and security-related. The most basic and important are:- Packaging: The goods must be packaged as a safety measure, and depending on [...]


Protectionism or free trade? The great debate

The two major models in which economic policy can be managed, protectionism or free trade, generate intense debate among economists, technicians, or policymakers.Protectionism, based on the imposition of trade barriers and import quotas, usually applies the following measures:Providing subsidies to domestic companies.Imposing tariffs on foreign goods and services.Prohibiting the importation of goods in the country's most [...]

Stock Logistic closely follows the trend of rising ocean freight rates.

High freight rates in world maritime trade

The shipping industry witnessed, especially in the last months of 2020, freight rates rising to previously unheard of levels. For example, according to the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI), the freight rate per TEU reached 1,938.32 dollars on 20 November. The main reason was that, with the reactivation of the Chinese economy since last May and the gradual recovery of other areas of the planet, there was an increase in demand that exceeded [...]

Traceability in logistics guarantees security in the supply chain.


Traceability refers to the set of procedures and measures aimed at registering and identifying a good from its origin (production site) to its final destination. Traceability seeks to know where and in what condition the product is in the supply chain.Traceability helps to know the components and the origin of the goods, the treatments attributed to the articles or the distribution process that has been followed. This concept includes methods to [...]

Neo-protectionism begins to show its first symptoms in international trade.


Protectionism is an economic policy that protects a country's production and jobs by imposing restrictions, limitations or fees on goods or services coming from abroad (imports), making them less competitive with nationals.The action of protectionist measures directly affects the laws of competition, that is, the laws of the market that explain the direct relationship between supply and demand. In recent years, however, and within the framework of [...]

Analyses help companies and organizations leverage their data

Big Data and its impact on the logistics sector

Big Data, also known as macrodata, refers to massive or large-scale data that, due to its volume, complexity or growth speed, makes it difficult to capture, manage or process. However, due to its high potential, more and more organizations are working with this type of information.Currently the use of Big Data in companies is an unstoppable trend and the transport sector is no exception. Although it is true that it is still in a very incipient [...]

Stock Logistic joins the Exporters and Investors Club.


Recently, Stock Logistic has joined the Exporters and Investors Club, a national business association that works to defend its members in relation to their international activity.Stock Logistic stands out for being a reference in storage and distribution of forest products, as well as solutions for storage, dry and refrigerated distribution. With this incorporation it takes a step forward in its commitment to internationalisation and the promotion [...]

More than 1,200 commercial ports are currently located in the European Union.

The EMSWe in the ports of the European Union

The new official regulation for a European maritime one-stop shop environment, also known as EMSWe (technologically neutral and inoperable and with harmonised interfaces) aims to facilitate the electronic information of ships entering, staying and leaving any of the ports of the European Union. This regulation replaces directive 2010/65/EU.Currently, more than 1,200 commercial ports are located in the European Union, in fact, the continent is one [...]

The use of drones in logistics is becoming more frequent.

The use of drones in logistics

The drones, a mixture of airplane and unmanned helicopter, started in the military and defence sector -with surveillance functions- and later extended to civilian uses: entertainment, photography, fire extinction... now, little by little, the turn has come to logistics.The drones are capable of making an inventory in a logistics warehouse, transporting goods by air or carrying out security tasks. In the United States, some companies have already [...]