Protectionism or free trade? The great debate

The two major models in which economic policy can be managed, protectionism or free trade, generate intense debate among economists, technicians, or policymakers.Protectionism, based on the imposition of trade barriers and import quotas, usually applies the following measures:Providing subsidies to domestic companies.Imposing tariffs on foreign goods and services.Prohibiting the importation of goods in the country's most [...]


Nearshoring and onshoring: significance and impact on the logistics sector

In recent years, companies have adopted outsourcing strategies in order to gain a competitive position in a globalised environment. Outsourcing provides companies with numerous benefits, such as the reduction of fixed costs and the possibility to focus on their core business by outsourcing secondary activities.Different outsourcing modelsTechnological advances in the last decade have allowed companies to outsource their services to providers [...]


Stock Logistic expands in Europe with new overland routes to Italy and Switzerland

In Europe, a highly developed and efficient continent, land transport plays a crucial role in the connectivity of its countries and businesses. Interconnected road infrastructures enable the movement of manufactured goods, raw materials and consumer goods, contributing significantly to the economic development of the region.In this scenario, Stock Logistic, a global logistics operator, offers comprehensive solutions for land transport in Europe. [...]

Stock Logistic_ países BRICS 2024

The new additions to the BRICS countries

The so-called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have been increasing their weight as large emerging economies, with significant growth options, since the term was coined in 2001. From 2024 this select group will expand with the addition of six more members: Saudi Country, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia and Argentina. This will increase the number of BRICS countries from five to eleven.Together they are set [...]

La relocalización y sus efectos en la cadena de suministro

Relocations and their impact on the supply chain

In recent times, we have witnessed a significant evolution in the way companies produce, operate and make strategic supply chain decisions. One trend that has gained momentum is relocation and a commitment to local production.Relocation refers to the relocation of a company's production and operations from one country to another. Supply chain problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, or the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, have accelerated [...]

Stock Logistic_International Transport

Stock Logistic, new Americas Alliance partner

Stock Logistic, a company specialising in international transport and integrated logistics services, has announced that it has recently joined the Americas Alliance, an organisation of leading companies in the transport and logistics sector with a presence in more than 20 countries and a solid knowledge of the sector.Joining this association means great opportunities for Stock Logistic such as:- Cooperation and alliances: improving efficiency [...]

Stock Logistic, un aliado imprescindible para el transporte.

Stock Logistic participates in Fruit Attraction

As every year and after the pandemic break, trade fairs, conventions and events have resumed their activity in person. One example is that Fruit Attraction 2022, one of the best professional meetings in the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide, will start up on 4 October. The convention, which will be held at the IFEMA facilities, will be attended by representatives of the fruit and vegetable community as well as the main companies in the logistics [...]

Project Cargo is required for the transport of heavy or oversized goods.

Project Cargo, a necessary transport for international trade

Project Cargo involves the movement of goods that, due to their weight, size and complexity, cannot be containerised in many cases. This means that transport operations are more difficult to develop and require logistics operators to study how shipments are to be made and by what type of transport. All of this to guarantee a service in accordance with the weight and size of the loads, optimising time and distribution as much as possible.Project [...]

El gigantismo en los buques portacontenedores.

Container ship gigantism: future trends and challenges

 In recent years, due to globalisation and increased maritime connectivity in ports around the world, freight transport has required structural, technical and technological change in order to be able to ship and distribute cargo to all industries. Optimising transports by guaranteeing coverage in the shortest possible time has brought about the need to adapt to the new commercial ecosystem and, consequently, to the new professional challenges [...]

Black Friday y Navidad, grandes desafíos para el sector logístico

Black Friday and Christmas, big challenges for logistics before the end of the year

Between Black Friday - the opening day of the Christmas shopping season, a North American tradition that has spread to the rest of the world - and Christmas, 106 million shipments are expected. These figures are estimated by the UNO organisation, which warns of the human and technical effort involved. Per day, the employers' organisation expects companies to handle an average of 3.7 million shipments, numbers that could reach 5 million during the [...]