Digital platforms currently help many companies to decentralise their tasks and reduce costs,


In the next few years, the land transport of containers will be conditioned by the definitive implementation of digital platforms and electronic documentation in a 4.0 technology environment. In fact, many companies will opt to invest in equipment and training to meet these standards.Digital platforms currently help many companies to decentralise their tasks and reduce costs, thus offering products to their customers more quickly. In this sense, [...]

Transport electrification is very close.

Electrification of the transport sector

The search for efficient alternatives to replace fossil fuels has become one of the most important challenges facing the transport and logistics sector. Experts and institutions argue that the traditional industrial model is unsustainable at an environmental level and one of the most reliable solutions is to opt for electrification.In fact, when faced with the scepticism of depending on the fluctuation of renewable energy sources such as wind or [...]

The use of drones in logistics is becoming more frequent.

The use of drones in logistics

The drones, a mixture of airplane and unmanned helicopter, started in the military and defence sector -with surveillance functions- and later extended to civilian uses: entertainment, photography, fire extinction... now, little by little, the turn has come to logistics.The drones are capable of making an inventory in a logistics warehouse, transporting goods by air or carrying out security tasks. In the United States, some companies have already [...]

The Bill of Lading and the Sea Waybill are the two most important documents in shipping.

What are the main differences between the Bill of Lading and the Sea Waybill?

The Bill of Lading and the Sea Waybill are the two basic documents that guarantee maritime transport, both national and international. In many occasions they generate confusion in their use, however, each one fulfills very specific functions.The Bill of Lading, in addition to serving as a contract of carriage and receipt of goods, has the usefulness of a document of title. For its part, the Sea Waybill is the evidence of the transport contract and [...]

Alonso Group's Can Tunis terminal is the site of Spain's first railway motorway.

What are rail motorways?

A rail motorway is defined as a combined transport system in which road vehicles (lorries) are transported by rail in shuttle services using specially upgraded rolling stock and terminals.Depending on the type of rail motorway the transport can be accompanied or unaccompanied. In the first case, the lorry driver makes the journey in the same train that transports his vehicle in a car provided for this purpose, while in the case of unaccompanied [...]