Stock Logistic_Uses of green hydrogen in logistics


Hydrogen gas is the most abundant chemical element in nature and is a universal, light and highly reactive material. Green hydrogen is obtained through a chemical process known as electrolysis, a method that uses electric current to separate hydrogen from the oxygen in water.At Stock Logistic, with international logistics services by land, sea and air, we follow with interest this growing trend, which is on its way to becoming a great alternative [...]

Transport electrification is very close.

Electrification of the transport sector

The search for efficient alternatives to replace fossil fuels has become one of the most important challenges facing the transport and logistics sector. Experts and institutions argue that the traditional industrial model is unsustainable at an environmental level and one of the most reliable solutions is to opt for electrification.In fact, when faced with the scepticism of depending on the fluctuation of renewable energy sources such as wind or [...]

Spain is the largest LNG importer in Europe, with nearly a third of the total volume.

The use of LNG will help decarbonization of transport

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - natural gas that has been processed to be transported in liquid form - is increasingly being used in the transport sector, especially in the maritime sector and is on its way to becoming the most sustainable fuel today.In this sense, greater use of LNG could be able to boost the decarbonisation process in the transport sector, something that Europe and organisations such as the IMO have been demanding for some time. [...]