Stock Logistic, un aliado imprescindible para el transporte.

Stock Logistic participates in Fruit Attraction

As every year and after the pandemic break, trade fairs, conventions and events have resumed their activity in person. One example is that Fruit Attraction 2022, one of the best professional meetings in the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide, will start up on 4 October. The convention, which will be held at the IFEMA facilities, will be attended by representatives of the fruit and vegetable community as well as the main companies in the logistics [...]

Photograph of a transporter bringing goods to customers.

What will last mile logistics look like in the coming years?

Last mile transport, also referred to as capillary transport, refers to the final journey or stretch where goods are transported to the distribution or consumer areas. It is the phase that closes the supply chain and is therefore the one that is most in contact with customers.Currently there has been a considerable increase in the volume of e-commerce due to the pandemic and the impossibility of buying some products physically. Faced with this [...]