Black Friday y Navidad, grandes desafíos para el sector logístico

Black Friday and Christmas, big challenges for logistics before the end of the year

Between Black Friday - the opening day of the Christmas shopping season, a North American tradition that has spread to the rest of the world - and Christmas, 106 million shipments are expected. These figures are estimated by the UNO organisation, which warns of the human and technical effort involved. Per day, the employers' organisation expects companies to handle an average of 3.7 million shipments, numbers that could reach 5 million during the [...]

Air transport is moving towards digitalization.


Now more than ever, the world of logistics stops at all those processes that can help automate operations, improve management and be more productive. The current situation, where social distance and the greater need to use more technology prevails, favours this digital current. With regard to air freight, which must be fast and agile due to the nature of the goods it handles, it will also be affected by this increase in digitalisation, which will [...]

The logistics of the coming times are beginning to take their first steps.

The logistics of the future

Logistics and the operation of supply chains have become a key element during the COVID-19 health crisis. The distribution networks have, for months, been under considerable pressure and have demonstrated their ability to adapt but also a high degree of flexibility. When we have not yet reached absolute normality, many experts are already asking themselves, will there be new logistics after the coronavirus? What will change? Stock Logistic, as a [...]

Quality in logistics is increasingly valued


Offering an excellent quality service is what makes the difference from the competition and allows for customer loyalty. According to the data of the last report of XI Logistic Circle Barometer SIL 2020 the quality is the aspect more valued by the companies. It is followed by factors such as flexibility, specialisation, speed, business optimisation and sustainability. In the specific case of logistics companies, quality, more than an added value, [...]

Traceability in logistics guarantees security in the supply chain.


Traceability refers to the set of procedures and measures aimed at registering and identifying a good from its origin (production site) to its final destination. Traceability seeks to know where and in what condition the product is in the supply chain. Traceability helps to know the components and the origin of the goods, the treatments attributed to the articles or the distribution process that has been followed. This concept includes methods to [...]

Stock Logistic joins the Exporters and Investors Club.


Recently, Stock Logistic has joined the Exporters and Investors Club, a national business association that works to defend its members in relation to their international activity. Stock Logistic stands out for being a reference in storage and distribution of forest products, as well as solutions for storage, dry and refrigerated distribution. With this incorporation it takes a step forward in its commitment to internationalisation and the promotion [...]

Capillarity will encourage local commerce.

Capillarity in logistics

The delivery or capillary transport is the last link in the supply chain. It involves placing the product at the final point, bringing it, in many cases, closer to the centres of consumption: hyper, super, shops... The capillarity implies that, on some occasions, the points of sale that remain open on weekends and holidays -such as kiosks, service stations or railway stations- are taken advantage of so that certain companies can deposit their [...]

Seasonal logistics refers to those periods of the year in which, traditionally, there is more consumption

What is seasonal logistics?

Seasonal logistics refers to those periods of the year in which, traditionally, there is more consumption. It can be Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day in Asia... In these moments of the year companies in the logistics sector are forced to have additional capacity and contract extra resources. The aim is to solve, in the short term, the wave of work volume that is generated in these periods. In this context, seasonal logistics must [...]

Automation in logistics has many benefits.

The automation process in the logistics sector

Automation or automatic control in logistics refers to the use of control systems, machinery or software to improve the efficiency of operations. It usually applies to processes that must be performed in a warehouse or distribution center and which result in minimal human intervention. In fact, along a supply chain (procurement, distribution, customer service, reverse logistics...) there are a multitude of processes that could be automated. For [...]