ETS, the EU’s CO2 emissions regulation, will come into force in 2024

The acronym EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System) refers to the greenhouse gas emissions trading system created by the European Union to combat climate change. It is a pioneering system because it is the world's first emissions trading scheme applicable to the 27 Member States of the European Union, together with Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.From 1 January 2024, shipping companies will have to rigorously monitor their emissions to [...]

Maritime alliance

Maritime alliances: a strategic partnership on the high seas

A shipping alliance, more commonly called a maritime alliance, is a cooperative agreement between ocean carriers to cover different trade routes for goods. The importance of such coalitions lies in the fact that the sea is a vital source of resources and a crucial means of transport for trade for several reasons:The majority of goods traded globally are carried by large ships.It is an essential means of transport for the supply of raw materials [...]


The main transoceanic ports of the world

Today, the countries with the best maritime connectivity lead the ranking of the best ports in the world. It is estimated that more than 90% of goods are transported by sea and, for this reason, the governments of countries and private companies are constantly investing in improving the infrastructure of their port facilities.Stock Logistic is a logistics operator with a presence in the main strategic points of the Iberian Peninsula such as [...]

Project Cargo is required for the transport of heavy or oversized goods.

Project Cargo, a necessary transport for international trade

Project Cargo involves the movement of goods that, due to their weight, size and complexity, cannot be containerised in many cases. This means that transport operations are more difficult to develop and require logistics operators to study how shipments are to be made and by what type of transport. All of this to guarantee a service in accordance with the weight and size of the loads, optimising time and distribution as much as possible.Project [...]

El gigantismo en los buques portacontenedores.

Container ship gigantism: future trends and challenges

 In recent years, due to globalisation and increased maritime connectivity in ports around the world, freight transport has required structural, technical and technological change in order to be able to ship and distribute cargo to all industries. Optimising transports by guaranteeing coverage in the shortest possible time has brought about the need to adapt to the new commercial ecosystem and, consequently, to the new professional challenges [...]


Has the Ukraine-Russia conflict affected the European maritime industry?

The maritime industry has undergone a new change in recent months as a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia. This situation has caused the European economy to plunge into an inflationary spiral which experts expect to stabilize in a year and a half. Faced with this dramatic reality, the maritime sector is organizing changes and alternatives to alleviate logistics problems in Europe and the world in general.At Stock Logistic, as a [...]

International maritime transport, in continuous price increases.

The growing trend in maritime transport

World maritime transport, the most widely used means of transport for major global trade transactions, is experiencing a real increase in costs since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the restructuring of port calls, blank sailings and the significant increase in maritime freight rates, two other situations have had a significant impact on the sector in recent months: the blockage in the Suez Canal and the collapse of the Chinese [...]

The entire logistics chain is facing the consequences of the lack of sea containers.

Shortage of containers in maritime transport, until when?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis more than a year ago, the consequences on global shipping have been felt. The collapse of the world's major ports during the first months of the pandemic was followed by a significant rise in ocean freight rates and an increasingly worrying lack of empty equipment (containers) in major transit ports.This is a situation that has already been denounced by the main players in the world's logistics [...]

Stock Logistic closely follows the trend of rising ocean freight rates.

High freight rates in world maritime trade

The shipping industry witnessed, especially in the last months of 2020, freight rates rising to previously unheard of levels. For example, according to the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI), the freight rate per TEU reached 1,938.32 dollars on 20 November. The main reason was that, with the reactivation of the Chinese economy since last May and the gradual recovery of other areas of the planet, there was an increase in demand that exceeded [...]

Port governance always generates all forms of debates.

The management of the ports

The model of governance, or management, of the ports of general interest always gives rise to intense debates on how this should be done. Over the last few years, the Port Authorities have been confronted with key aspects such as their role in the flow of international trade, the liberalisation of maritime transport, the deregulation of certain services, the concentration of companies or the geographical centralisation of the big port operators which [...]