Transport electrification is very close.

Electrification of the transport sector

The search for efficient alternatives to replace fossil fuels has become one of the most important challenges facing the transport and logistics sector. Experts and institutions argue that the traditional industrial model is unsustainable at an environmental level and one of the most reliable solutions is to opt for electrification. In fact, when faced with the scepticism of depending on the fluctuation of renewable energy sources such as wind or [...]

The platooning is the technology by which two or more trucks circulate on the road in a joint and coordinated manner.

What is platooning?

The platooning is the technology by which two or more trucks circulate on the road in a joint and coordinated manner. Its use and extension in the transport of goods could be a revolution for this sector. This requires a camera, radar and wireless communication between trucks using wifi technology. For the time being, and as this concept is understood today, talking about platooning is not synonymous with autonomous truck. The greatest benefit [...]

Spain is the largest LNG importer in Europe, with nearly a third of the total volume.

The use of LNG will help decarbonization of transport

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - natural gas that has been processed to be transported in liquid form - is increasingly being used in the transport sector, especially in the maritime sector and is on its way to becoming the most sustainable fuel today. In this sense, greater use of LNG could be able to boost the decarbonisation process in the transport sector, something that Europe and organisations such as the IMO have been demanding for some time. [...]

Automation in logistics has many benefits.

The automation process in the logistics sector

Automation or automatic control in logistics refers to the use of control systems, machinery or software to improve the efficiency of operations. It usually applies to processes that must be performed in a warehouse or distribution center and which result in minimal human intervention. In fact, along a supply chain (procurement, distribution, customer service, reverse logistics...) there are a multitude of processes that could be automated. For [...]

The solidarity campaign became a success.

Stock Logistic participates in Alonso Group’s solidarity campaign

Alonso Group, within its area of Corporate Social Responsibility, has delivered to the association Aportem a total of 134 glasses for the NGO Visió Sense Fronteres. Stock Logistic, a company that belongs to the business group, has been one of the most active in participating in this solidarity campaign that began last February. Under the slogan "For more people to see as you see", Alonso Group joined this initiative led by Aportem. For example, in [...]

Alonso Group's Can Tunis terminal is the site of Spain's first railway motorway.

What are rail motorways?

A rail motorway is defined as a combined transport system in which road vehicles (lorries) are transported by rail in shuttle services using specially upgraded rolling stock and terminals. Depending on the type of rail motorway the transport can be accompanied or unaccompanied. In the first case, the lorry driver makes the journey in the same train that transports his vehicle in a car provided for this purpose, while in the case of unaccompanied [...]